PROTEK Group is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies of Russia. The Group has diversified business interests and operates in all major segments of the pharmaceutical industry such as medicine manufacturing, distribution and retail of pharmaceutical, health and beauty products. The Group employs over 15000 specialists. Audited financial results for the 2017 accounted for 258,4 billion Rub.

The Group has a vertically integrated structure, which enables it to set up a complete product supply chain – Production – Distribution - Retail. The key companies of the Group are CV «PROTEK», a national distributor of pharmaceutical, health and beauty products; Sotex Farm Firm, a medicine manufacturer; and Rigla Pharmacy Chain. The PROTEK Public Company was set up in 2002, in the course of the Group restructuring process and now is the parent company of the Group that consolidates shares (stocks) in the authorized capital of the affiliated and subsidiary companies.

«Sotex «PharmFirm» is the core of the manufacturing segment. The company’s manufacturing facility, located in the Sergiyev-Posad district of the Moscow Region, produces cartridged injection solutions of liquid INN generics, other licensed medicine, and its own-brand medicine. The facility is one of the most advanced high-tech pharmaceutical enterprises in Russia. On the basis of the 2017 performance, the company reached the seventh position in the top list of domestic manufacturers according to the volume*.

CV «PROTEK» is the major distributor of pharmaceutical, health and beauty products in Russia. It has been on the Russian pharmaceutical market since 1990. CV «PROTEK» occupies #1 position in rating of IMS Health as of 2017*. The company supplies medicines to all constituent territories of the Russian Federation; its total warehouse area, according to the 2017 estimates, is over 167,8 thousand square meters.

«Rigla» Pharmacy Chain comes third in the top list of Russia’s major pharmacy chains according to the sales volume in 2017**. The chain boasts 2031 pharmacies in more 49 constituent territories as at the end of 2017. The company promotes pharmacies of three types: Rigla Pharm Markets with an open display, a big variety of products, including pharmaceutical goods, Bud Zdorov! and Jivika discounters with a close display and a big variety of medicine.

PROTEK Group follows modern standards in the financial management. Its core elements include corporate financial reporting in compliance with the International Accounting Standards (IAS), international auditing, well-considered financial policy, and implementation of the Oracle E-Business Suite, an ERP system, in its segments.

The Group business practice aims at the increase in the competitive ability, stability of the Group business as a whole, and at the maximum capitalization of each company in the respective market segments.

PROTEK Group runs in a socially significant sector and is committed to socially responsible business practices, in full measure meeting the obligations to its partners, staff and society.

PROTEK Group mission is the following: "Our goal is to take care of the human beauty and health. We prize economic, social and ethical values of the society, fairly fulfill our commitments to the public, partners and the state, thus setting up high business standards."

*Source: IMS Health

**Source: AlphaRM

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